When and why do I need my Sub-zero fridge water filter needs replacement?

May 6, 2021

When and why do I need my Sub-zero fridge water filter needs replacement | Sub Zero Certified Repair
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Water is important to sustain and quench the thirst. With the help of a fridge with a water dispenser feature, with just the touch of the button, you’ll get fresh, clean, and cool water. The sub-Zero fridge is one of the trusted appliance brands. Even a high-end appliance may need maintenance and also to have clean water, the water filter needs to be maintained clean as well. 

You may wonder how often you need the Sub-zero fridge water filter needs replacement. But what does a water filter do? With the help of it, water impurities and contaminants are automatically filtered before they will come out from the water dispenser or the ice maker. However, these contaminants can build up in the filter and can result in not able to filter properly the water coming in.

Your indication that water filter needs replacement

It is recommended to change the water every 6-12 months. This will be the time frame where the accumulated contaminants need to be removed. But if you notice when you drink water or when the ice seems not the way it is, these are the indications that the filter needs replacement.

 When water tastes bad

This is your main key when the water filter needs replacement. When your water tastes odd, replace the filter and you will have fresh and clean water again. But if there are any concerns, ask for sub-zero appliance repair.

Water or ice has a bad smell

The water flowing through the water dispenser and ice maker also went through the water filter of the fridge. If you notice an unusual smell of water and ice this is due to the minerals, and other contaminants build up the filter. You should need to change it right away. But if there are any problems, let sub zero refrigerator repair service check and fix the problem.

Water pressure from the dispenser is low

If you notice that the water dispenser seems too slow to dispense the water this means that the water coming in and passing through the filter can’t flow efficiently. This is due to the clogged contaminants, it is the right time to change the water filter. 

Water filter alert keeps on beeping or changes its color

Modern fridge like Sub-zero has an indicator light to let you know that it is now time to change the water filter of the unit. When you let it disregard, this would continue to alert. However if the beeping sound and changing color still happen after the change of filter, there may be some problems. Get it fixed and have a sub-zero freezer repair near me.

Other than filter replacement, components may have some problems and Sub-Zero Certified Repair can help you with this, we can do :

  • Main cleaning/Condenser cleaning
  • Main control board kit – $1870
  • Defrost thermostat sensor – $160
  • Code tab griddle thermostat assembly – $1620
  • Labor – $250

For fridge concerns, you can always let us know. Our Sub-Zero Certified Repair technicians are trained and equipped to handle any problems with your fridge.

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