What is the reason why my Sub Zero Fridge Leaking?

May 5, 2021

What is the reason why my Sub Zero Fridge Leaking | Sub Zero Certified Repair
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It is not usual when you see a puddle of water on your kitchen floor in the middle of the night. Thought that there was spilled water but unfortunately it came from the fridge. Like any other appliance, Sub-Zero Fridge can have some problems. Nothing to worry about, this can be fixed by Sub- Zero Certified Repair technicians. 

If you notice that your Sub-Zero fridge leaking, know where the leaking is coming from. Every time that the fridge door is open, the warm air comes in with vapor and rushes to the compartment. When the warm air cools down, the water vapor loses energy and turns into water. This process is called condensation and this happens to some degree in every fridge. 

 Water leaking from the Top

This is the most noticeable part if the water leaking came from the top. This can indicate the water filter can be either loose, damaged, or has a worn-out 0-ring. The filter can be checked by removing the upper grille. If this would be the culprit for the water leaking in your Sub-Zero fridge, let a professional technician handle it.

 Water leaking from the Bottom

There are many reasons if the water leaking is suspected to be from the bottom of the Sub-Zero fridge. It is also quite difficult to determine the cause of the problem. Here are the common causes of water leaking, such as:

Damaged drain pan – The unit uses a closed-loop refrigeration cycle that can produce a moderate amount of condensation. When this happens, it would need a drain pan on the underside of the unit so that it can drain the excess condensation. If the pan is damaged, has cracks, or corroded, this will lead to water leaking. Take into consideration to have it replaced immediately. If there are any concerns, you can ask for assistance with sub-zero appliance repair.

Loose or damaged water supply connection/water valve – Modern-day refrigerators like the Sub-Zero have the features of an ice maker and water dispenser. Automatically this needs to be attached to the water supply line. If it is loose or damaged, this will lead to water leaking. This is usually the water you see on the floor. If there is detected damage in the water valve, look for a sub-zero freezer repair near me. This can be repaired right away, for the Water valve and ice maker tubes – $510.

Condensate line trouble – Also known as the drain line. This helps during the defrost cycle of the fridge. It also helps in draining and going to the underside drain pan. When it is clogged, this also leads to water leaking from the fridge. 

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Service is always ready and equipped to handle the repair. If there are detected components that would require an immediate repair, we can also do the following:

  • Condenser coil cleaning 2x – $240
  • Freezer compressor kit -$1940
  • Fresh food side compressor kit – $1750
  • Dryer filter 2x (exchange tubes) – $430
  • System flashing (freon change) – $1200

Let us know your concerns, we will always be ready to serve you.

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