What causes the Sub Zero Fridge Stopped Working?

May 14, 2021

What causes the Sub Zero Fridge Stopped Working? | Sub Zero Certified Repair
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When it comes to the refrigeration system, Sub-Zero is the trusted name. Made from high-quality materials, modern features, and most of all a sleek design. Everything that you are looking for in a refrigerator can be found in the Sub-Zero.

 Despite that the unit is high-end, there are times that problems may occur. When Sub Zero Fridge Stopped Working, the problem can be due to its parts and components that need immediate attention and get fixed right away. Sub-Zero Certified Repair is one of the best repair services and we also offer sub zero refrigerator repair.

  The lights are off and the fridge is not working

 If you notice this, the first to check is if the breaker for the fridge is not positioned to OFF. Turn the breaker to ON position, if it is tripped, you would need to replace the fuse. Check also if the fridge is properly plugged into the outlet and you can test the outlet if there is a current flowing by plugging other appliances like a lamp.

 The lights are on but the fridge still not working 

 If you happen to see that the lights of the fridge are still on, definitely you will need to check the following before calling for professional repair. 

  • Set the freezer temperature to low
  • Check if there is enough airflow around the fridge.
  • Make sure that the exterior coils are clean.
  • Test the compressor

 You can hear the motor but the fridge is not cool enough

 If you hear noise from the fridge but it is not cooling, it indicates that the compressor motor works hard to able to sustain the coolness of the fridge. But if this happens, you have to consider calling for an expert to look into the problem properly. But if you see that everything is normal but the cooling of the unit is still is a problem, you can check by doing troubleshooting and you can also use the user manual as your reference.

 If the problem is due to the component of the fridge such as the compressor, Sub-Zero Certified Repair will need to replace compressor assembly with compressor control kit, using computer control kit with the update, it also includes the freon, weld, and welding materials, and two service valves with service valve cover. All original parts with one year warranty on installed parts, and it is officially approved. No credit card fee is needed, and if you are from military service, you would also have a military discount.

 If you are noticing that the ice maker is not working properly and the freezer as well, don’t hesitate to contact for a professional repair for your appliances. Sub-Zero Certified Repair also offers the following services:

  We also provide a maintenance check to your Sub-Zero fridge. It is important to have a professional check to prevent any problems in the future and can affect the performance of the unit and would result in permanent damage. Call Sub-Zero Certified Repair to book an appointment or for an urgent repair for your fridge.

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