What causes the Sub Zero Fridge Making Loud Noise?

May 12, 2021

What causes the Sub Zero Fridge Making Loud Noise? | Sub Zero Certified Repair
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It can be annoying when you hear a loud noise coming from the Sub-Zero fridge. When this happens, you want to find out where and why it happens. There are common causes for the Sub Zero Fridge Making Loud Noise. This can be due to its components that are faulty such as the evaporator fan motor, an ice build-up, or an obstruction in the fan. You may need time to inspect the entire unit to be able to determine the cause of the problem.

 Identifying where the loud noise came from can be difficult. It can come from the back, bottom, or inside the refrigerator. 

 Problem with the fan blade

 The evaporator fan helps the air flowing over the evaporator coils so that the refrigerant can heat and cool properly. If one of the blades is not working or has an obstruction, you can hear the fridge making a knocking noise located at the freezer. You can check the condition of the evaporator fan blade by following the steps:

  • The fan is located at the rear panel in the freezer compartment, you can check the user manual on how to remove the panel to access the fan.
  • Use your hand to test the blade if it will rotate
  • Take off any visible obstruction
  • If the blades are damaged, or it doesn’t rotate it would require a professional repair like Sub-Zero repair service.

  The Build-up of Ice on the Fan

 If you hear a gurgling sound in your Sub-Zero fridge, it is often due to the ice build-up on the evaporator fan. After removing the rear panel, check if there is ice on the fan. The freezer may need to be manually defrosted to make the ice melt.

 Defective Evaporator Fan Motor

 If still hearing a loud noise in your fridge, possibly the evaporator fan motor is not functioning. It would require a professional service like sub zero refrigerator repair. For the Evaporator fan motor – $685.

 Problem with the Condenser or Compressor

 The compressor helps to constrict the refrigerant vapor so that it can pass through the condenser coils. Some issues can happen in the compressor or condenser that can cause the loud noise produced in the Sub-Zero Fridge.

Compressor Issue – If you hear a loud humming noise, this indicates the compressor is faulty. To prevent further damage, have a professional check and repair the problem. Sub-Zero Certified Repair has the Compressor kit – $3460

 Defective Condenser Fan or Motor – It helps to cool the refrigerant as well and if this has a problem it should be properly handled by a professional technician.

 Dirty Condenser Coils – If the condenser coils are covered with dust and dirt, they won’t be able to cool the refrigerant properly. This results in the condenser working much and thus produces a loud noise. It is advisable to clean the condenser coils every 3-6 months. We also offer services for Condenser coil cleaning (maintenance)

 Other reasons can cause the fridge to produce a loud noise. We can also do the following to help resolve the problem.

  • System flashing (freon charge) – $850
  • Charge valve / Dryer filter – $560
  • Freon leak in freezer/ fan not

 We also offer a sub-zero ice maker repair service. To avail of the services, call the Sub-Zero Certified Repair hotline.

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