How do you know if the Sub-Zero fridge water filter needs replacement?

April 27, 2021

How do you know if the Sub-Zero fridge water filter needs replacement | Sub Zero Certified Repair
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Nowadays, the refrigerator has the feature where it can dispense cold, clear, and clean water. The sub-zero fridge water filter for example continuously filters water making sure that up to the tiniest particle will be removed. But, most of the time, owners tend to forget to replace the water filter. These indications may help.

1. The water dispensed taste bad

The filter inside the water line is not cleaning properly the water that is coming in. If left for too long, contaminants may spread and this can be dangerous. 

 2. Ice seems unusual and has a bad smell

 If you notice the strangest smell coming from the glass. The cause of this is the ice and not the beverage. If the freezer and the ice bin of your fridge are clean then definitely this is due to the old water filter. 

 3. Water dispensed so slow

Notice that the water coming out is quite slow, this means that the filtered particles clogged and resulted in the water not able to get through the nozzle of the dispenser.

 4. Filter light turns on

Most of the fridge nowadays has an indicator light for changing filters. A convenient way to let you know that it is time to change the water filter. 

 5. It’s been a long time

Finally, if you are not sure when was the last time that the filter was replaced and it’s been more than 6 months or a year, then it is time for the Sub Zero fridge water filter needs replacement.

Most importantly, if there are concerns that may need professional help, you can always inform sub zero appliance repair.

However, the fridge may have some other problems. For instance, not working after a power outage or it’s not cooling but the freezer works. See first what you can do before calling on a sub zero refrigerator repair service.

Sub-zero fridge not cooling after power outage

When the power is back and the fridge is not working, here is a checklist on what to do:

  •  Check the circuit breaker
  • Check if the refrigerator is ON
  • Check GFCI power outlet is not tripped.
  • Check the cord and plug for electrical short
  • Component of fridge or the parts is not damaged
  • Let the refrigerator take its time to cool

The Sub-zero fridge is not cooling but the freezer works

It is not a good indication if you notice that the freezer is still cold but the fridge is warm. It may  be due to:

Condenser Coils  – If the coils are clogged it may result in poor circulation of air and would cause the fridge not to get cold, it is essential to do Main cleaning/Condenser cleaning.

Main control board kit – Before replacing the mainboard, do a test first with all of the commonly defective components. If nothing is defective with the components, consider replacing the main control board. 

Failed Defrost System – A failed to defrost system can lead to problems with the evaporator coils. Defrost thermostat sensor must be checked as well if it provides the correct temperature readings.

If your fridge is in need of a replacement you can always find a sub zero freezer repair near me, let us know Code tab griddle thermostat assembly and we will do the labor for you.

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