Why is my Sub-zero fridge ice maker doesn’t work?

May 3, 2021

Why is my Sub-zero fridge ice maker doesn’t work | Sub Zero Certified Repair
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Quenching the thirst during hot summer days can give you satisfaction when you have nice and ice-cold drinks. Whether it’s a glass of ice tea or soda, it is refreshing when it has a lot of ice. If you have your ice maker, it is convenient. 

 Sub-Zero appliances are trusted and used by many. All appliances are tested and went to different tests to make sure that everything is in good condition. 

 When you have a Sub-zero fridge ice maker that doesn’t work all you ever want is to hire an expert technician and have it fixed right away. But the problems with the ice maker can be remedied easily.

 Check the Power

 Make sure that your ice maker is turned ON. Check where the switch is located and if the OFF is set to position, turn it back ON. Allow 24 hours for them to see the ice maker will begin to produce ice.

 Water Filter

 If it has been a while that the filter has not been changed, this can make the Sub-zero fridge ice maker doesn’t work due to the clogged mineral deposits in the filter and the water will not be able to flow properly to the ice maker. Make sure to change the water filter, it is recommended to have the filter replaced every 6-12 months. If there are any problems, let sub-zero appliance repair help you.

 Ice Bin/Bucket

 The ice maker would then work if the bin or bucket is placed in the right position. If you have recently removed the bin/bucket, make sure to check if it is placed properly after it was cleaned. Automatically the ice maker will detect and it will work again.

 Condenser coils

The coils help the refrigerant create cold air for the freezer. If the coils are dirty, it will prevent sufficiently sustain cooling refrigerant. This results in the freezer temperature getting warm and ice will not be produced. It is recommended to clean the coils every 6-12 months to prevent dust build-up. If you have encountered any problems, look for sub-zero freezer repair near me.

 Fill tube frozen

The fill tube is located above the ice maker, coming from either the back or sidewall. If the water pressure is low, the water in the fill tube can get frozen and this prevents the flow of water to the ice maker. You can use a hairdryer set to the lowest settings to help melt the ice, make sure to go back and forth to prevent the plastic piping melt.

 Water Line

Check if the water line is not kinked as this will prevent the water to flow properly. Make sure to check the connection of the water line to the fridge and unkink if necessary.

 Ice maker is defective

If you have noticed that the ice maker keeps on experiencing problems, this needs to be checked by an expert. You can let sub zero refrigerator repair service. Services may include the following repair:

  • Freezer compressor kit – $2850
  • Evaporator coil freeze. Assembly – $1070
  • Dryer filter and exchange tubes – $520
  • Starter kit and charge valve – $390
  • System flashing for the fresh food side – $980

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